Take Profit Principle

Unlike similar opportunists who base their algorithm process on external freelancers or signals services (with short history of success),
we aren't taken surprised by frequent events in the crypto market. Our in-house experts observe closely & ready to adopt quickly for securing profit.

WaveRider™ Automatization of HFT algorithms

Fast Reaction of a Machine,
Experience of Human..

Our system was built upon the main requirements of maintaining harmony between it's internal functionality: Collecting funds (your deposits), transfer to appropriate segregated accounts, and allocating the ratio between (passive or active) funds;
To the external operation where the trading strategy take place. We've used our in-house experts (with years of day-trading experience) and our talented MQL5 programmer, to develop our "brain child": WaveRider™ - Able to detect patterns and execute algorithms for high frequency trading (HFT) via API almost flawlessly.
After long testing period, and thanks to a skillful team we are ready to deploy our services and excel throughout any environment, even volatile as Crypto market.

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  • Expected time:
    15 min

    Course Shift:
    4 pt

    Stop loss


    take profit

    • 12.30
    • 12.35
    • 12.40
    • 12.45
    • 12.50
  • Expected time:
    10 min

    Course Shift:
    20 pt

    take profit


    stop loss

    • 12.30
    • 12.35
    • 12.40
    • 12.45
    • 12.50
  • Expected time:
    10 min

    Course Shift:
    20 pt

    take profit


    stop loss

    • 12.30
    • 12.35
    • 12.40
    • 12.45
    • 12.50

I.g, "Bullish M Pattern" - Set BUY
with short expectation for correction

I.g, "Bearish W Pattern" - Set SELL
with short expectation for correction

I.g, "Bullish 5-0 Pattern" - Set BUY
with longer expectation for correction

Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience we have integrated a F.A.Q search section below to try to include all your possible questions and answers in advance.
Please take a minute to first search for your answer below, this might solve your issue faster without waiting for our team to respond.

Yes, we are registered as limited liability company named: in Dalewere, USA.
To check our company registration certificate, please Click here and input our registration number #6561261
To view our Good Standing & Company Certificate Click here.

Our address is:

We don't allow you to have more than one account per user unless you were given a special permission by the admin. For public PCs and family IP registration please Contact Us

Please click here and fill in a short signup form, then proceed to activate your registration by E-Mail. The signup procedure is quite easy & fast for your convenience (it takes about 1min).

No, there are no hidden fees. Registration and account management are completely free.

The ultimate goal of AlgoProfit platform is to minimize the 'Luck' factor against each algorithmic trade on cryptocurrencies and efficiently distribute the profits amongst our members. Please visit the about us page for more information about our vision and history. Please also check out our Concept page if you want to know more about our A.I trading strategies. We are devoted to maintain a very long and rock-solid platform stability, month after month while holding member's principal (original funds) for the shortest possible duration (2 weeks). We're monitoring over the platform software and trading activities on a hourly base, ensuring manageable load, fund security and accounts data integrity.

If you have any additional questions or technical issues that you did not find an answer to here, you are more than welcome to contact our friendly support team here.

No, this is not possible. Every deposit or withdraw operation are deemed final upon execution. You are kindly requested to note that neither the administration nor the support team may change the results of your actions (primarily related to financial transactions).

You can see our member's feedback and enter your own in any of our social hubs, online rating, reviews and forum sites that can be found quickly and easily web search. Here you can find some of the independent reviews in various languages. We highly appreciate our members feedback, it help us to serve you better so please take a moment to share your own experience with AlgoProfit.

Thanks to our WaveRider (unique automatic algorithmic trading based AI) ability to execute pattern trading almost flawlessly through out a long testing period, and our (in-house) trust-worthy team of risk analysts. We were able to develop this profitable investment plans, however, we have put a strong emphasis for stability. That's why we actually consider this plans to be non-ambitious as much as we believe in our WaveRider ability to gain (even higher) winning edge during the lucrative seasonal 'waves' of trading volatility which happens rather frequently in the crypto market industry where we excel.

You can change your E-mail only with the help of our support team, please Contact Us here with a request.

Please log into your private account area here, and see "Daily Earnings" under 'HISTORY' tab here. Your account is designed to accumulate the entire earnings, investments, withdrawals and others actions history.

In that case you must reset your password, by entering your username or e-mail address into our secure "Forgot Password" Page. You will receive an e-mail to confirm this action and identify yourself before we proceed with resetting your password.

With the 2.7% Daily short plan you'll automatically receive daily earnings into your account balance every 24 hours since initiation on business days only (Mon - Fri) for 14 calendar days. With the 5.4% Daily long plan you'll receive daily earnings even on business days for 28 calendar days.

Please log into your private account area here and click on 'SETUP' (located here), there you can do such changes.

Your account is updated automatically in real time 24/7 once a transaction took place and you can always access it to keep track of it.

If you have not added your payment gateways during registration, you can login here and add it inside 'SETUP' page (located here).

We offer a multi-level affiliate program that pays 5-10% instant commission for every 1st level referred active investor you introduce to us and you will keep on getting commissions as long as your downline keeps adding external investments into AlgoProfit. Also, we have a 2nd level (sub-referral) master affiliate plan that pays 2% commission for every new external investment made by your referral's downlines.

Below is the table of % commissions:

5% commission for referred investments of up to $300.
7% commission for referred investments equal or above $300.
10% commission for referred investments equal or above $3,000.

Below is the table of account statuses:

Affiliate (+1%) - Status given to affiliates who had reached over 100 active referrals.
They're awarded additional 1% commission on top of the above regular commission.
Affiliate (+2%) - Status given to affiliates who had reached over 200 active referrals.
They're awarded additional 2% commission on top of the above regular commission.
Representative (+1%) - Status given to representatives with over 3 active referrals.
They're awarded additional 1% commission on top of the above regular commission.
Representative (+2%) - Status given to representatives with over 30 active referrals.
They're awarded additional 2% commission on top of the above regular commission.

* Representative are entitled to quicker awards entry because they're listed in our regional support page,
and it's their responsibility to provide support in their language (via phone, chat, etc.) to our members.

V.I.P - Status will receive an astonishing 3% additional commission on top of the above regular commission.
- For "affiliates" status it's entitled upon reaching over 300 active referrals (or $15,000 in total commissions).
- For "representative" it's entitled upon reaching over 100 active referrals (or $5,000 in total commissions).

This is an amazing opportunity for long-term, passive income that will earn you between $1.5 to $30,000 on each investment deposited by your referrals, and we would like to see you among the referral's program participants.

We will not tolerate any type of SPAM or solicitation on behalf of AlgoProfit (UCE, forum spam, PM spam, IM spam, etc.)

Yes, you are welcome to sign up and join our affiliate program today for free.

After you have signup, please login and check out the 'AFFILIATES' page, you will find your referring URL near "Your Referral Link:" and a brief commission stats below.

In the 'AFFILIATES' page (in your account area) you have a variety of advertising tools for referring potential members.In addition you can use your unique referral link, simply copy and send it to your friends, family and acquaintances via email, instant messaging or your favorite social network.

Yes, using the fiat eWallet such as PAYEER internal exchange interface you can load your balance there with whatever currency you prefer to work with, and then exchange it on their end to send us USD (some eWallets offers to exchange it during the payment action itself). In case of Bank Wire (which will be available soon), we prefer you mark the payment currency as USD before you wire it, but if you lack this option then we would accept your currency and convert it to USD.

To fund your account with us, you must sign up to become a registered member. Once registered, you can always login here into your private account area using the username and password you have signed up with. You will need to click on 'INVEST NOW' in the top menu (or simply click here), there you can choose a payment method and follow the page simple instructions to complete your investment. The transaction is secure, fast and convenient (takes ~1 minute).

There will be no fees from our end to receive bank wires, meaning that whatever amount you sent will be reflected on your account with us.

We are currently accepting the following eWallets as a payment methods: BitCoin, Payeer, PerfectMoney (soon), ADVcash (soon), and manually Ethereum (ETH) or Ripple (XRP). Also, we'll began accepting Bank Wires directly soon (for effortless funding of your account). All of those payment methods allowing fast, easy and secure service to make online payments. Beside Bitcoin, and wire for larger deposits we highly recommend Ethereum & Ripple as a more fast, convenient and low fee payment method, which you may use by contacting us for manual transfer.

Yes, you can pretty easily fund your chosen eWallet (digital payment) options, such as BitCoin via Credit or Debit, Master & Visa cards in here, or for fiat money you may use Credit or Debit directly via Payeer using their interface or with here, and pretty much any other payment gateway existing today. A recommended list of exchanger services can be found here, if you wish, you can always contact us for advise on more funding options and other exchangers.

Please sign up for your free account at any of the following: BitCoin or here (great support for USA members). For fiat money you'll have to signup at Payeer or PerfectMoney (soon) or ADVCash (Soon) which takes around ~5 minutes to and can be funded rather fast, within 48 hours you can start investing with us. All of those electronic wallets accept many quick funding options, such as: credit cards, bank wires, checks, cash via western union or GMT and even other digital payments (like: Webmoney, Skrill, PayPal, Qiwi, etc). Only exception is that some methods take longer time or higher fees than others, which requires a bit longer verification process to complete and higher transaction fees.

We are always working to add more eWallets, as per our members demand. Currently most our eWallets options are similar to PayPal with live chat support for customers and with lower fees but bigger selection of funding and withdrawals systems for our worldwide members needs. You can find links to each one of our current selection of wallets in the footer below (click on their names to find out more).

Usually external investments are instantly credited into your account as "Active Investment" that is visible inside your private 'MY ACCOUNT' page, and also shown in 'Active Plans' tab under 'HISTORY' page. However, if you don't see it there immediately then you need not worry as your investment will not lose its "time signature", please just give it some time and re-visit your account later on that day before contacting us. If you invest via BitCoin, it may take up to a couple of hours to show up (and soetimes even a 1-3 day due to network congestion), and in case of Bank Wire it can take a couple of days.

You can reinvest directly from your account balance, simply log into your private account area here, and click on 'INVEST NOW' (or simply click here) in the top menu, there under "Select Re-Invest Source" you can choose the source eWallet of your investment, click on one of the available options and it should turn Red which means that it's selected / marked. Afterward you just need to fill in the amount (from the available balance for your chosen payment type) and hit the orange "CONFIRM INVESTMENT" button to proceed.

Currently there is a 5% management fee which is our sole profit (taken during withdrawal), but it is subjected to change in the future by the sole discretion of AlgoProfit risk management.

To make a request you need to log into your account and click on 'WITHDRAW' in the top menu, then fill in the necessary info to complete your withdrawal request.

In that case you must contact us to help you reset it, please contact us via our support form available here, and include your "Support Answer" for identification.

To cancel a withdrawal request you will need to log into your private account area here, than click on 'HISTORY' tab in the top menu or simply click here and in the "Withdrawals" sub category you'll find all your pending request/s, than click on [Cancel] to remove your request.

You may place a request once you've reached our minimum amount to withdraw of $3 and $15 for Bitcoin. Please note that Bitcoin withdrawal request might carry an additional flat network fee, this fee is dynamic and subject to change upon the time of your request. Bitcoin network fees are particularly high during some days and can be monitored here. Currently, there is no maximum withdrawal limitation.

Your requests will be processed within 48 business hours.
Please remain patient, Business days are: Monday to Friday (excluding holidays).
Normal working hours: 9:00AM - 6:30PM UTC

No, in order to prevent money laundering you can't change between eWallets. Each eWallet has its own unique balance and your earnings from each deposit will remain within that eWallet specific balance for future withdrawals or internal re-investments.

First you will need to log into your private account area here. Than you can change your eWallet payment account information within the 'SETUP' page.

With the 2.7% Daily plan you'll be able to receive 100% return on your principal investment on the 14th day of plan expiry. With the 5.4% Daily plan you'll be able to do so by the end of the 18th day but with higher 5.4% daily returns.

We have an introductory deposit minimum of $30 going up to $10,000, which is the maximum allowed for a single financial transaction. Currently there are investment cap limitations in place to allow solid and long term gradual growth. These limitations will grow over time, depending on platform's ability to generate stable profits.

Every member can have up to 5 active investments (running at once) for the Short plan and up to 10 for the Long Plan. By utilizing every possible active investment, you'll be able to reach a higher total of $150,000 active investments.

Active investments only stays occupied for the length of the plan period, so as soon as it expires you may proceed to invest more. Furthermore, you can have 15 active investments available at any moment (10 for Short plan and 5 for Long plan) but if you think it doesn't suffice, then you are welcome to seek help from our financial advisers.

If you invest in the "2.7% Daily" plan, your total return on investment will be ~127% at plan expiry (100% principal will be returned). If you'll choose the 5.4% Daily plan your total return on investment will be exactly 151.2% at plan expiry. Your total profit for each plan can be even higher if you will choose to Re-invest your daily earnings internally from your account balance.

You can reinvest as often as you wish (even every minute), but notice that you are still limited to have up to 5 active investments for Short and 10 for the Long plan, operational all at once (15 in total), before your oldest investment expires and release a new space for further investments.

This option is available if you have enough funds in your internal account balance (minimum investment is $30) and you did not use all of your active investment allowed for each plan (5 for Short plan and 10 for Long plan).

Please type in your inquiry and hit enter or the (search icon)

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