Calculate Your Referral's Commission

The commission calculation below is based on the levels of referral's commission we offer to our affiliates, and it's subject solely to your referral's deposit performance.

  • $3000Invited Member Investment
  • 7%Affiliate's Commission Rate
  • $3000Your Commission Income
  • Comission 5%$30 +
  • Comission 7%$300 +
  • Comission 10%$3,000 and up

Affiliate's Program & Statuses

We have 3 kind of statuses for our involved members: Affiliate, Representative and V.I.P for those who qualified and pass
challenges in terms of downlines or commissions count. Unlock the ability to receive up to 3% extra commission award for life!

Affiliate Status

For webmasters and group leaders. If you run a blog, YouTube channel, Facebook or promote via IM, this status is for you.

  • First 100 Active Referrals
  • Extra 1% Commission
  • Over 200 Active Referrals
  • Extra 2% Referral's Commission
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Representative Status

Representative listed in contact us that agree to provide a responsible support, and has at least 3 active referrals.

  • Be listed & 3 Active Referrals
  • Extra 1% Commission
  • Over 30 Active Referrals
  • Extra 2% Referral's Commission
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V.I.P Status

Affiliate/Representative Status can be awarded with the V.I.P status if they get 300/100 (respectively) active referrals.

VIP Status
  • Reaching over 300/100 Active Referrals
  • Extra 3% Referral's Commission
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