Core infrastructure

Operational Jurisdiction

For many years, Delaware has position itself as a welcoming home to businesses in the financial sector
because of low to no taxation. This fact enable us to secure and increase transactions which
were derived from crypto trading with a favorable law flexibility.

Delaware registered company

Of the corporations that make up the Fortune 500,
more than 50% are incorporated in Delaware.

ISO 9001 Certified

Check our certificate online

Below you may download digital copy of our certificates. You are welcome to check for company activity status online anytime: Download our Certificate
hardware & software protection technology

Our Servers and User's Interface

Account changes verification

Feature which prevent unauthorized changes, it sends one time verification code via mail.

Secured virtual keyboards

To prevent password theft via key-logging, keeping your private data safe at every login attempt.

Comprehensive login checks

Detection of suspicious login activity by location (IP Address) or PC with login PIN confirmation.

Blockdos protection

We host our site platform on a multiple dedicated servers globally with mirroring technology, in case of a DDOS attack we’ll be able to solve it smoothly.

2 system admins on standby

We employ two top notch security admins, working shifts day & night to monitor any spike, hacking attempts or slightest hiccups in our platform.

Comodo 256bit ev ssl

An Extended Validation SSL Certificate was issued with the highest 256 Bits data encryption to prevent sensitive data hijacking during communications.

How & Why Your Investment is Safe With Us

Why you are Insured

The immense prospects of Bitcoin's long term growth allow AlgoProfit's platform to present our daily investment plans with absolute confidence and secure your account value at all times. The constant volatility of the crypto market probably won't stop existing in the perceivable future, thus the worst case scenario for you only involves waiting longer until the underlined trading asset (be it ETH or DASH) is executed for profit.

Pool capitalization rule

Established to facilitate the pool of invested funds and allocate them in order that every investor gets his earnings within set time-frame. To accomplish that we've established an algorithmic Trading Model with a goal to generate enough profits to honor withdrawals + keeping extra funds liquid in cases of high surges of principal withdrawals. We use cold stored Crypto wallets with private keys and reserves spread at multiple locations.

Platform's Algo Trading Concept

How it works

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18th Jan 2018

Public Site Launch

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12th Dec 2017

Final Platform Tests

Preparing for the final software calibrations of our "WaveRider" API script for synchronous communication with 7+ crypto exchangers...

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